Conquer Online - Server Merge - Wonders : Pharos and Nature : Volcano/Glory

On 3th of April 3/4/2017 a new merge will happen in the game conquer online , so server merges will happen for the two planets "Pharos in Wonders group" and "Volcano/Glory in Nature group" , all servers member wait this merge 2 weeks ago to start trading , dealing , joining new guilds

When Will Pharos and Volcano Merge happen ?

The merge will happen exactly at 00:07 pm for the server time that will be for egyptians 4/4/2017 04:00 am on Friday , so we can wait 2 days and some hours to see this merge

Details of Pharos and Volcano Servers Merge

During the merge , the two servers will be down or closed for some minutes till merge completes , but after the merge , all members can login and recieve new bonus or gifts in Items as they know

Advices to prepare yourself for Pharos and Volcano Merge

- If you saw your name ends with Z or Z and numbers , you should know that there's another character in the another merged sever having your name exactly , so to avoid duplication the game will add Z or Z and numbers to one of you but you will recieve message to change your name for once only

- you should check your characters and what do you need and what you will do to avoid any mistakes


Volcano Member


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01-04-2014, 04:31 PM


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