Barbie Cake

You can cut barbie now by knife to eat by the fork , this will happen when we have barbie cake between hands to choose to start eating from the head or the dress , barbie cake should have shiny colors like white creams and purple dresses , so let's start watching the slides

Barbie Cake 28885wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28886wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28887wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28888wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28889wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28890wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28891wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28892wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28893wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28894wall.jpeg

Barbie Cake 28895wall.jpeg

23-07-2014, 11:40 PM


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لعبة باربى Barbie

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