Terms and conditions for writing in English Forum

Welcome Mosta2bal.CoM users "members and visitors", this post was written to direct who wants to be one of our writers to follow these strict instruction not to be banned and to continue with us in more powerful site

1- Don't copy any part of texts from other sites to here as it's more forbidden than other conditions and just write by effort or translate some words of another topic to get nice topic
2- Don't write or attach pictures about violent topics as it's banned in Google Adsense Policies

3- Don't violate copyrights of others and as you see we write and upload pictures for Mosta2bal.CoM only, so you can get the link of images and they will be uploaded by submitting post
4- Write about everything you know but be away from improper topics

Here, your posts will wait for moderation at your start with us and if any wrong topics from you are found, they will be deleted and we warn you, if continue you will be banned according to Terms and Conditions

14-12-2013, 12:17 PM


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